Friday, August 28, 2009

What's it there for?

Such was the question that was posed by the evangelist one night during a revival service so many years ago.  He was preaching with great passion and power.  And he came to a passage in the Bible that began with "Therefore . . ."

He paused.

And then he said, "Whenever you come across the word 'Therefore' in a Bible verse, you need to pause for a while, read it again, study it and figure out just what it is there for." 

That was good advice many years ago.  I have not come across a verse in my Bible reading since that night that I have not thought about what that preacher said.  Now I must confess.  Sometimes I began that reading and studying right there on the spot.  And sometimes that was in another church service when another preacher was preaching.

So, I apologize for that!  But not for the great Biblical adventure that began that night!

My other blog is going fine.  But, I had a desire to create this one and see where it takes me.  I hope you will be an active participant in the dialog.

After all, isn't that what blogs are there for?

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